Manufacturer BSG
Number BSG 30-230-009
Description Wheel Stud
Vehicle Trim Level TRANSIT T120
Fitting Position Rubber-metal Bearing
Assembly Wheels
Intended Wheel
Cross numbers FORD 1470843
FORD 6015791
FORD W713392S440

Other car parts with the number "BSG30230009"

Manufacturer Number Description
РАЗНОЕ BSG30230009 BSG Hairpin TRANSIT 12lobby (withnut) 91-00

BSG BSG 30-230-009 (BSG30230009) Pictures

BSG BSG 30-230-009 (BSG30230009) Analogous / Similar Parts

Manufacturer Number Description
AUTEX 551032 Nut
BSG BSG 30-230-003 Wheel Stud
BSG BSG 30-230-004 Wheel Stud
BSG BSG 30-230-010 Wheel Stud
FEBI BILSTEIN 27413 Wheel Nut
FORD 1 470 843 Wheel Nut
FORD 1564008 SITZ
FORD 6015791 Wheel Stud
FORD 73VB 1107 BB Wheel Stud
FORD W713392 S440 Wheel Stud
JP GROUP 1560400300 SS1114
OE W700344S440 Wheel Nut
OE W713392S440 Wheel Nut
ORIGINAL IMPERIUM 27413 Buffer, hood
SWAG 50 92 7413 Wheel Nut

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