Manufacturer PHILIPS
Number 13342 MDC1
Description Bulb, spotlight; Bulb, headlight; Bulb, fog light; Bulb, headlight; Bulb, spotlight; Bulb, fog light
Voltage [V] 24
Rated Capacity [W] 75/70
Socket Version P43t-38
Bulb Type H4
Assembly Lighting System, universal
Intended Fog Light

PHILIPS 13342 MDC1 (13342MDC1) can be used in car models

MERCEDES LK/LN2 1984-1998
MERCEDES MK 1987-1996
MERCEDES NG 1973-1996
MERCEDES T2/LN1 1986-1994
MERCEDES T2/LN1 Box Body / Estate 1986-1994

PHILIPS 13342 MDC1 (13342MDC1) Pictures

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